Firstly I would like to say Thank You for purchasing a KTH Horror Edition starter kit. Secondly, Have fun! These kits are intended to introduce you to the extremely creative and rewarding world of model making and painting. In your kit I have selected what I feel are the basic materials to get you going and will allow you the opportunity to complete your own KTH collectable. Each kit contains; 1 x Resin Sculpture, 1 x pre drilled base, 1 x fixing screw, 6 x acrylic paints, 1 x water-based varnish, 1 x pva glue, 2 x base material, 1 x sticker   All you will need is a brush or two. Of course, feel free to add anything you would like to the model itself and its base, your only limitation is your imagination!

I have included a separate page with some tip and techniques that you may find useful on how to paint these models.

Starter Kits

Comp Time !!

Want to win a FREE Keep The Heid Collectable? Well here's how...

1. Assuming you have already bought your starter kit, get painting! You have until the 14th April 2018 to have it finished and ready.

2. Once completed, post on Instagram with the hashtag #kthcompuk and tag/follow @iconicdagger

3. Go like the Facebook page 'Iconic Dagger'.

4. Comment 'Done' on the Facebook page once you have completed all these rules.


Winner will be announced at the end of April! Winner will be contacted by Direct Message via Instagram.


If you don't already have a starter kit click the link below to purchase one:

Starter Kits


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